Wait for it………FOR SALE

Yup, it’s reached that point.

The Boot’s now back with new rear hub bolts, new front brake pads, new wheel rims, tubes and tyres and I had the front forks rebuilt while it was in.

BUT…..and its a BIG but….it is time for me to let The Boot go to a new owner.

If you’ve followed the blog you’ll know how much work has gone into the scooter, and I had no plans to sell but I have another project thats now on the road, and have been offered another build project both of which need extra space I don’t have.

It’d be nice for someone else to get The Boot and use it, something its not getting at the minute. The engine’s been uprated, tuned and rebuilt, the suspension’s been rebuilt, 11 months MOT and taxed yet it runs the risk of turning into a museum piece.

The Boot’s too good to call a rusteration…..a quick respray and it’d look superb (if you like that kinda scooter).

Interested????? Contact me through the blog contact button.