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The return

Well it’s back…just in time for frost and freezing cold but at least it’s back and now needs running in lol…..oh the joy.


Repairs include new clutch plates and springs, new chain and tensioners, new race crank, and rebored barrel with 4 size up piston.

Still some stuff to do but I have also changed to a new fast flow fuel tap and rewired the bike to do away with at least 2 junction boxes that were found lurking in the depths. So lights etc now work….wahey there is a novelty…no it is..really… lol.

For safety the lammy has been dynoed to set it up.


I dannae is she can take anymore captain



Ok the worst is that one gudgeon circlip has come out and exited somewhere (via the exhaust?), the gudgeon pin has pulled out scoring the barrel along one side, the other circlip has come out and gone downwards lodging in the crank bearing locking it completely but luckily in TDC position.
Interestingly this scooter was apparently rebuilt by a well known scooter shop who have also apparently serviced it but the parts inside the casings and their condition looks like the casings haven’t been split with knackered and bodged original parts.
The 175 kit someone paid for is a bored out 150 with a smaller 125 head gasket that the piston has smashed up and into the head.
Parts now being sourced and possibly a rebore and new piston to get it running and see where we go from there.

The ‘can’t make my mind up’ Lambretta

I have started then stopped and then started and stopped again to write this. Thing is life has been too busy, the Vespa has been ongoing and this runs a bit rough at times…but it did run so I never got round to bothering much with it.
What it is is a 1976 GP175. I got it from a guy who bought it with a full engine rebuild by a well known scooter shop (not 1 I have used though ) and invoices for a recent full service from same dealee. It came with a badly coked exhaust that was grounded whilst out riding so replaced with a 42mm clubman…and an obviously wealthy previous owner who ran it on fully synthetic oil at 4%!! It now runs better on 3% premix using Rock Oil.
As I ran…it was even used to ferry me to my wedding


But it had a hissy fit in the way, jettisoning the sidepanels halfway to the wedding.
Then I stupidly decided to fettle it! Its recent MOT pulled it up for flickering headlights which was traced to a dodgy ignition switch so a new switch and junction box were sourced and fitted…..but the wiring didn’t match any diagram I had nor did it match similar colours but after two days and some help it was all sorted.
But it wasn’t destined to be a happy ride to watch some sprinting this weekend. On the way home on a dual carriageway and doing about 55/60mph it seized solid. And I mean solid. Stone cold it wouldn’t budge.
We are disecting the engine at the minute to figure out what happened and what to do to fix it and will keep updating as this goes on. Stay tuned.

THAT Vespa

This was picked up in a big transit from a very nice man in Southampton. Very ratty but it started and ran with an MOT and looked a good start for a project.

Its inaugral ride with us to Weston rally 2014;


Even getting it’s number plate polished lol.

It ran fine for 6 months or so til max revving out at tickover indicated a blown oil seal.
The engine got sent off for repair and was treated to a DR180 kit at same time.

Engine came back after a bit of a wait and got refitted but things then went downhill and wrote off riding for a while….the autolube started leaking and on tickover the scoot wouldn’t idle clean or rev cleanly. Eventually traced to a warped carb which we can’t remember being warped before the kit was fitted.

Anyway…good used carb sourced and fitted, autolube disconnected and blanked going to 3% premix and scoot duly run in.

Unfortunately with about 600 miles on the kit, and on a cold wet December evening, it packed up again on the commute home. This time it would start but die when trying to rev.

Cut a long story short we eventually stripped the engine down again only to find a very old and torn engine casing gasket with a bit sticking out between the casings.

New gasket fitted and scooter treated to Simonini pipe and 28mm Dellorto carb for the real ’80s tuning effect….into van and off to SRP Racing for dyno set up and results are enough to induce the maniacal laughter mentioned previously.
Now to use it……



I have had some requests to get my finger out and restart blogging. I have been really slack at this due to manic work and personal life stuff but blogging is now back on the radar.

Due to various issues I have to notify you, the reader that by reading on from here you will be agreeing to the following notice;

That any use of the words ‘my’, ‘mine’, ‘ours’,etc, or any other terms that indicate ownership of property should not be taken as such and are merely terms I am using due to lack of a thesaurus. All property is theft and items we purport to own are actually only being loaned to us as caretakers as our time on this planet is finite. That even covers the shirt on my back…………..just to clarify matters.

2 scooters found in Crete….I don’t own these……..or caretake them lol

Ok, normal blogging will continue soon……